Holy One,
God of the sparing rain
and the tender night,
morning's kind sunshine
and twilight's sweet breeze,
we praise you for our heart's rest
and every gift that makes us sing.
Let our Summer songs be gentle ones,
soft as the sound of the day lilies,
trumpeting by roadsides,
aflame with joy.
In the quietness of these days,
whisper the blessing of your peace,
so that there may be great open spaces
for us to dream an idea into being,
or to remember a face
that once made us smile,
or to murmur a prayer,
simple and serene,
which is as close to truth
as our words can get.
Be with us in storms and sorrows,
but let us find your thousand promises
in the scent of clover
and the robin's dance,
in the rush of silver surf
and the burgeoning tomatoes,
in the hum of bees
and the great oak's tranquility,
in evening's long light
and dew on morning grass,
in the firefly's magic
and the wink of stars,
in love that brings us joy,
and joy that awakens love.
Lord of all life,
be Summer in us.

--Timothy Haut