We bless thee for the bright days,
For the warm sun’s song
And the whisper of the holy rain,
And for the earth where root and seed
Unseen, unbidden, stir with life.
And we are thine, too,
Risen from dirt, breathed into life,
And held in thy hands until to dirt
We shall return.
And all of us, thy creatures bearing
The eternal spark, growing, growing
Toward thy goodness,
Find our life in thee,
Whose mystery binds the wandering stars,
Burgeons in the hills and teeming waters
And rejoices in the winged chorus of the sky.
And so we walk with hallowed steps
Into our garden home,
And thank thee for the life we see again,
This season’s promise and green-hued hope,
And pray for leaf and fruit and flower
And bird and bug and tilling worm
And love to bind us all, and feed us
Heart and soul and tender flesh,
With thy most gracious, grateful spirit.

--Timothy Haut