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Serving on a DRCC board or committee can be a rich and rewarding experience.  We encourage you to participate and share your talents with us! Contact the Church Office to if you’re interested in participating.

Church Council

The Church Council is the governing body in matters that do not require a vote of the Church membership. It is responsible for the overall planning of the life and programs of the Church.

The Council provides the opportunity for the interests and activities of each Board and Standing Committee to be communicated and coordinated with each other.


Per church bylaws, only members of Deep River Congregational Church may serve on the 4 major boards of our church: Trustees, Deacons, Christian Education and Christian Service.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees manages the financial affairs of the church and supervises all staff whose work involves church property management as well as banking. This board authors the church’s annual budget.

Board of Deacons

The Board of Deacons provides leadership to the church’s ministry of serving the physical and spiritual needs of members and people beyond the church. Deacons assist our pastor with worship services and rotate their duties and responsibilities regularly.

  • Chair
    Greer Richardson

Board of Christian Education

The Board of Christian Education translates classroom activities into opportunities for children to participate in programs that will enhance understanding of what it is to be a Christian. This Board collaborates with the Director of Christian Education. 

Board of Christian Service

The Board of Christian Service is charged with stimulating Christian living and service in our community, our nation and throughout the world. The Board works with the Director of Youth and Family Ministries to encourage social outreach as part of our Christian responsibilities and support the mission activities of the church.

  • Chair
    Andrea Chiappa
  • Staff
    Chelsea Chiappa Ehmke, Director of Youth and Family Ministries


All church members and friends are invited to serve on DRCC committees.

Cemetery Committee

Maintains the historic church cemetery on Essex Street and supervises its Memorial Garden where the ashes of loved ones are interred. Daffodil bulbs planted each fall total over 4,000 blossoms in springtime.

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Church Delegates

Represent DRCC at United Church of Christ meetings of the Middlesex Association, the State Conference, and other inter-church meetings. If you need to speak with a delegate, contact the Church Office

Green Team

Educates and inspires us to be better stewards and conservationists of God’s creation. DRCC’s Green Team is currently working towards the highest and most challenging Level 3 of the Green Action Steps set forth by the United Church of Christ. Level 1 was reached in 2014 and Level 2 in 2017. Contact Donna Dione, Sybil Higgins, or the Church Office

Historical Committee

Members are carefully organizing historical documents and photographs pertaining to the history of our church in the remodeled historical room.

Messenger Committee

Our Church Messenger newsletter is published regularly and archived on our website. To be added to our Messenger email (or snail mail) list, contact the Church Office

Nominating Committee

Responsible for filling vacancies on church boards and committees. Nominations are submitted to Church Council for approval. Contact a nominating committee member to share your interest in serving on a board or committee: Donna Sheldon, Krista Farrell, Andrea Chiappa, or the Church Office

Pastoral Relations

Helps maintain a healthy, open relationship between our Pastors and Congregation. The committee interprets members’ needs and advises our Ministers in leading the church.

Personnel Committee

Represents all personnel in working relationships with church boards and committees, seeking resolution for any misunderstandings that may occur. Works to enhance communication between paid staff and their supervisors.


Each year the Stewardship Committee launches a new campaign asking members of DRCC to pledge offerings for the upcoming year. Pledging keeps our church strong, ensuring that it will be here for us and our families through the ups and downs of life.